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    ok so I just got my 9700 today and decided to hook it up to my computer to sync everything.

    in doing so it said i had some software updates for my phone, ok cool, i clicked ok.

    everything was going fine then suddenly it popped up and said "software update failed" and now my 9700 has a white screen with the "reload software" error

    ive found plenty of PC directions online but nothing for people with macs...

    12-21-09 07:36 PM
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    There was a thread on how to fix it on a mac here, but it was too complicated for me and im an experienced mac and BB user. AND i believe you needed to use a windows computer to do some of it.

    I had the SAME EXACT problem with my storm, unfortunately, I had to bring it back to the store. They replaced it with a brand new phone with the updated software. since it was covered under warranty, it was free.

    Your best bet is to do the same. They should be able to do it right there in the store.

    Unfortunately, if you didnt have your contacts saved, it will be impossible to get them back.

    Just tell them you tried performing an upgrade you got with the device. If they give you a fuss, say its ridiculous that they wont replace the phone for something that was not your fault. Say you didnt take it out of the plug or anything.
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    12-21-09 08:15 PM
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    Im having this same exact problem right now. Heading to the ATT store after work to get it replaced.
    12-29-09 02:00 PM
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    12-29-09 04:59 PM
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    this link works great. i wish i wouldve found this a long time ago instead of figuring it out the hard way
    02-28-10 03:34 AM