1. TheOneWithTheTinyKeys's Avatar
    and found that I will in fact be upgrading to a Pre or an HTC.

    I cannot uninstall the DM. I have searched at the official BB site and whichever coding juniors they employed for this DM didn't seem to write it down anywhere. The people at the top have this utterly misplaced belief that everything on a mac "just works" and their uninstaller will work. It's even linked to in an official answer.

    I've checked /Library /Preferences / Caches. Launchbar finds no file with blackberry or rim or research.
    Because the uninstaller has taken the app from /Applications it cannot uninstall it. I have tried every combination you can think of and it does.not.work.

    Somewhere on my computer are files hidden by the installer and which the uninstaller cannot be bothered to remove. (Yes I've done the usual Repair Permissions).

    So I now have a 9700 on which no applications can be upgraded unless I do it OTA. I could try the OTA on wifi upgrade but why do that when RIM cannot even get their software working properly? Fact is the DM is broken, nothing written by anyone at RIM indicates there could be a problem. Even Google came up empty.

    I'd filled the box in at Vodafone expressing an interest in the 9800 but after trying all this there is no goodwill left. The 2 BB's in this house can gather dust come renewal.
    08-07-10 06:06 PM
  2. blaisedinsd's Avatar
    whats an uninstaller?
    08-07-10 09:55 PM
  3. TheOneWithTheTinyKeys's Avatar
    whats an uninstaller?
    You are kidding, right?

    So why will I never buy Blackberry again?

    RIM want me (us) to want a BB so demand rises, more people see them, want them, buy them and they make more money. Reasonable scenario and one that has made them very very rich.

    RIM want me to use their apps and those of the 3rd party developers to pour all my data into the device. The 3rd party devs make money, RIM make money and I have a device to which I slowly become more locked into.

    RIM want this to be the centre of all my communication. That's okay, the way things are going this is the way it will be and I have spent time and money on the device.

    But to keep doing this I have to trust the device and I have to trust the company behind it. OS X is created to work on one set of known hardware. It's not like Windows is it? But when I go to update and despite everything I try I am left with an incomplete upgrade then I have to look at why, where the fault is. And it's all - every single part of it - with RIM. There is no part of the chain where RIM are not involved.

    You want me to invest my time and my money in a device that you actively choose to not support on the Mac. The Desktop Manager is an atrocious piece of incomplete software. You know that and you don't care. You do not work to create better, you just let it sit there.

    So you want everything from me yet you will give nothing to me.
    That is why when my renewal is up I will choose a competitor.
    08-08-10 01:00 PM
  4. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Are you trying to upgrade to an official OS for your carrier, or another carriers OS?

    It has been known that you can not load carrier official OS's through Mac DM, ever since it came out.
    08-08-10 01:05 PM
  5. TheOneWithTheTinyKeys's Avatar
    It's a Vodafone contract with a Vodafone release into a Vodafone BB.
    08-08-10 01:13 PM
  6. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    When you open Mac DM and plug your phone in, did it not check for the updates and download it to install automatically?
    08-08-10 01:15 PM
  7. TheOneWithTheTinyKeys's Avatar
    Attach phone, DM opens and it downloads it's own upgrade.
    It then realises it is open and tells me to close it. I do.
    Run DM, it sees the phone, tells me there are upgrades and switches to the Apps panel. I can see the OS and other elements are there.
    Click Upgrade.
    It starts to backup but then it gets to 'Categories" and it stays there for minutes. Then for a few seconds it says it will download 1197 files and then it throws the error. Cannot upgrade. The exact words:

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager failed to update your BlackBerry device.

    I can run the Upgrade time and time again and it always stops at that same error.

    Run the Uninstaller.
    It ends with
    Uninstall failed.
    Some BlackBerry Desktop Manager components may not have been removed from your computer. Try re-booting and starting again.

    I can reboot and try again and again to no avail.

    Install DM again. Then starting at /Volumes find every folder/file that is BB /RIM related. Open all those in different windows. Run the Uninstaller and everything is removed (though I wasn't sure if it removed the /User/me/Library/Appilication Support folder so I did).

    Check disk permissions, repair. Verify.
    Install DM yet again
    Check Disk Permissions and some are now wrong. Repair, Verify.
    Try the upgrade. It fails.

    I tried rolling back an OS and the same happened. So I was on .656 (or whatever the previous official was), it tells me the update to .682 failed, it tells me the downgrade to .586 failed but when it is now plugged in the version reported is .586

    So I have an upgrade which breaks and an uninstaller which just does not work. Everything is up to date on the mac. I have even used 2 cables. The OS is as Apple would expect to find it. There is simply no reason why this should be failing and no reason why a company like RIM could not write an uninstaller that works.
    08-08-10 01:49 PM
  8. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    try doing just a back up of your device through DM first, see if it errors at that point...
    08-08-10 01:58 PM
  9. TheOneWithTheTinyKeys's Avatar
    I gave up, took it around a friend's house who has a Windows machine and it is now running .656 It was a clean install.
    I will start to slowly copy out (while I copy back in) information ready to enter it into whichever device I get after my renewal.

    I can accept a phone dropping and breaking, getting wet, getting lost. They are all my fault. I could even accept a Windows error given the hardware setups and the way people can fiddle with the carious OS's.
    But what I cannot accept is the way the RIM experience has left me this time. Sure Mac's don't "just work" and yes programs have bugs (iTunes has plenty) but there is quite simply no reason for anything less than excellent. The OS's are known, the hardware environments are known. What more could they want?

    This is not the first time. I have had difficulty upgrading before. I promised myself I never would be the people suggesting battery life was better tempted me. And it was an official release. RIM said it would work.

    Maybe RIM just aren't ready for the open market. Maybe they should just stick to businesses with sysadmins who will fix things.

    If a smartphone (or whatever term you used) is meant to carry everything then as I said above you have to have trust in the phone and the software. I have no confidence in RIM bothering with the Mac. It's the circular argument isn't it? No-one uses the mac so why bother creating and unless they create they won't attract.

    It's a market with little loyalty which is both good (churn rate on competitors is high) and bad (same for you too). I can't see a reason to stay.
    08-08-10 03:46 PM
  10. blaisedinsd's Avatar
    Sounds like an error in the backup/restore.

    As long as you got a backup I would have just done a security wipe on the handset and tried again.
    08-08-10 04:12 PM
  11. Vicksuper's Avatar
    i had an error in the backup/restore once.
    08-08-10 11:49 PM