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    I can remember seeing some threads on how difficult it is to get Leopard or Snow Leopard to set up with your BlackBerry and utilize the phone as a wireless modem for internet access on the go. This always intimidated me in a way and I never bothered with it. I got my new 9700 a couple of weeks ago and last night I had to use the bluetooth function to transfer a file or something like that and my Macbook running Snow Leopard prompted me to enter in the password, etc. Immediately following, it asked me to enter in the modem settings for the BlackBerry to be used as a Bluetooth Modem. I have worked for Cingular/AT&T for about 4 years and I entered in the same settings I've always known for Cingular/AT&T:
    Password: CINGULAR1

    AND WHA-LA!!! DONE! That's it? It can't be... So I turned off my WLAN and wanted to double check that I was in fact using the internet from the phone and not my U-Verse wireless setup. It most certainly does.

    So, either I must have missed something along the way and misunderstood the difficulty of tethering a BlackBerry to a Mac or I just lucked out? Which one is it?

    If I, in fact, am just lucky I would be more than happy to post screenshots of my settings so that maybe someone else who is having issues will maybe have their BlackBerry working as their modem now.

    Thanks for reading. I just had to share.
    01-01-10 11:36 AM