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    many crackberry posters often criticize apple and disregard the mac or iphone or whatever by saying that only 1 percent of the world is using it. However, they fail to realize that that 1 percent is growing every minute. RIM needs to realize this and create a desktop manager for the MAC. Because more and more businesses and consumers will end up using Apple, becuase it truly is a superb product.

    In my opinion, as more and more people switch to mac's, thus realizing how much better they are than PC's, they will want a phone that will sync easily with the MAC. and the iphone obviously does, while the blackberry doesnt.

    So get it together RIM! You make the best phones but if you dont fix this you (and your shareholders) can be in for rough sailing!
    10-25-08 02:19 PM
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    Rim are reportedly working on Mac support. Possibly available sometime in 2009?
    10-25-08 02:23 PM
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    Do you think you could stick to just ONE rant/troll thread? You don't need 5 separate threads criticizing RIM and their devices. Why not just make one general post with all your gripes? My perception would be that you are spamming the forums.

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    10-25-08 02:28 PM
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    I totally agree, I am a mac user and in all my berries I am stuck at 4.2 because of lack of DTM. And I have said this before, show us guys some love as well RIM.
    10-25-08 03:00 PM
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    Wait for it...it's coming very soon
    10-25-08 05:21 PM
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    hey sunkast this is a forum, and i have an opinion, just like you. Your being overly touchy, just like a thread i started about the web browser, and you started writing about the how good the blackberry email is! get rid of the complex!
    10-26-08 08:06 PM
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    Actually Mac is 3 percent of the marjet share. With that being said it is still not worth it to spend all the money for development for the 3 percent. I'm sure they will do it anyway but either way, if Mac users want a blackberry then they will deal with it I guess lol. You are.

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    10-26-08 09:03 PM
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    Oh, and maybe you should get an Iphone after reading your above threads. It obviously looks like that is what you really want.

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    10-26-08 09:05 PM
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    Corporate Head Office
    Research In Motion
    295 Phillip Street
    Waterloo, Ontario
    Canada N2L 3W8

    tel: (519) 888-7465
    fax: (519) 888-7884

    10-26-08 09:09 PM
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    3 percent and rising. Very quickly.

    i actually chose a blackberry over an iphone, even thought i own a MAC. I think blackberry's are the best phones out there. But it seems like if anyone dares critique a blackberry they are "trolling" or "spamming"...lol..
    10-26-08 11:35 PM
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    Wait for it...it's coming very soon
    *Holding my Breath*

    They've been talking about a Mac Platform for months now!!!
    10-26-08 11:55 PM
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    im a mac user and i love my mac and i had a iphone and the iphone as a phone is a joke so i switched to windows mobile and well im going to blackberry wm is just too buggy and laggy and looks like crap the bold has everything that i want and its stable my dad who has an iphone is jealous :P
    11-04-08 07:05 PM
  13. Dah_Ling's Avatar
    I just recently become a mac user and I love it! Im going to school for graphic design and mac is what the industry chooses to use. PC is just not even a second thought in the graphic design industry.

    I've never even thought about getting an iPhone it has and always will be Blackberry for me!
    11-05-08 09:01 PM
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    I love Blackberry and Mac. They both are the best in their fields. I am willing to just deal with using Pocketmac until RIM gives us Mac users a better fix. It really doesn't bother me that much. I still am able to sync all my music, bluetooth photos, sync calendar events and everything else so I'm not really missing a whole lot.
    11-06-08 11:11 AM
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    During the announcement last month by RIM that they were going to be opening the doors, so to speak, on enhancements for the Apple platform - I couldn't help but to notice that the spokesperson (and I may be mis-quoting here) mentioned that "support for the Mac is something that RIM has been working towards since 2005.."- or something to that effect.

    Wait- 2005?! Jesus, well- I HOPE after 3 years maybe there'll be some improved support for my beloved Mac. Granted, I bought my Curve knowing full well that the BB wasn't able to enjoy a lot of the same features on a Mac that PC owners have been able to enjoy - but maybe now, soon - I can do a little rejoycing.
    Hoping anyway!
    11-06-08 08:25 PM
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    I too would love to see an OSX native version of the RIM Desktop Manager, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will come with the 8900 when it is released through Tmo.
    11-16-08 11:45 PM
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    Go to the RIM Owners' Lounge and use the mylounge->what do you think? link to leave a comment asking for proper OS X support. I did this earlier today and if enough people do this, it has to get their attention. Companies like RIM are driven by customer requests and they are used to only hearing from sysadmins of BES servers who are typically IT guys who think the whole world runs Windows. RIM is trying to capture the consumer market where OS X is rapidly growing and if enough people tell them "coming soon" isn't good enough, they might actually prioritize getting us a fully working Mac solution for BB that includes device backup and OS upgrade without resorting to borrowing a windows box to get these things done.
    11-17-08 04:37 PM
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    I think the problem is that Apple has made it relatively simple to run multiple operating systems on their computers. This willingness to share platforms probably has made RIM lax about making an actual desktop manager for Leopard. I mean that's what i do when I have to upgrade my OS or Mod my BB just boot camp it.
    11-17-08 05:36 PM
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    I feel a rant coming on...

    I think the requirement to dirty up my Mac with an inferior OS simply to maintain a phone is unreasonable. I don't have several gig to spare for all that bloat simply to occasionally flash my blackberry with a new OS or to be able to back up the entire phone.

    Is it reasonable for me to pay for a license for Windows, not just the sub $99 OEM version but the over $200 full version, plus another $80 for Parallels or VMware just to be able to back up my Blackberry?

    Boot camp is free you say? Are you kidding? Reboot? I never reboot. Rebooting is for DOS and Windows. There is no excuse for RIM being lax about Mac support other than relatively small marketshare for OSX. Thankfully marketshare for OSX versus Windows is changing rather dramatically in favor of OSX even as we speak about it.

    When iPhone integration with OSX is seamless and Missing Sync can handle Windows Mobile and Palm on OSX rather well, it leaves Blackberry as the only major smartphone OS that still requires Microsoft Windows in some way shape or form. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Lack of real OS X support is something that is an obstacle to consumer acceptance of the Blackberry solution. No matter how sexy the storm or bold, if people can't connect it to their Mac without exceptions and excuses, they are going to be turned off.

    ...There. That felt better.
    11-17-08 08:13 PM
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    Boot camp is free you say? Are you kidding? Reboot? I never reboot. Rebooting is for DOS and Windows.
    LOL! So true.. I dont remember the last time I had to reboot my Mac. My PC died and I switched to a Macbook with DVI out to a 24 inch monitor and haven't looked back.

    A lot of mac users are blind Apple-bots though. I see the iPhone as very gimmicky. The web browser is great but at the end of the day I want a phone that has great core functionality. I hope the storm can deliver but it is frustrating I will have to use my GF's laptop to do OS updates etc.. :\
    11-18-08 02:56 PM
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    Whatever the percentage of Macs vs PCs is touted to be, in reality it is less that 10 percent. Since CrackBerry with its 450 000 members representss less that 4% of RIM's sales is it surprising that there is little MAC support for BlackBerrys.

    The highest number that I have ever seen for MAc penetration of the market is 3% and most of these are in specialised applcations like recording studios or graphcs labs.

    I have used macs since 1895 when the Applwe II came out. I watched as Apple ripped off Xerox with the LISA.

    I repaired MAcs and PCs and I grew to dislike the whole Apple concept of a single overproced suppler. Worse you had to buy new software every time a new OS came out.

    When the Linux clone of OS-X cme out, things got a lilttle better but even then Macs forced you to do it their way or not at all.

    The Mac is an overpticed, underfunctioned thorougbred machine that locks you in to one single suppler - Apple. Apple has the most restrictive marketing polices that I have ever seen. The IPod is currently under investigation by the EC because you cannot play music for which you have payed on any other player but Apple's.

    I am not writing here a s Moderator, this is simply my own opinion.

    I dislike the Mac the same way you people dislike the freewheeing ways and anachary of the PC.

    I will also help CrackBerry members in any way that I can. All of you.

    The bottom line here is that until RIM comes out with a MAC version of Desktop Manager AND every version of the BlackBery OS for Macs (you think that will happen?) you people are stuck with mainstream PCs for your upgrades. In doing that you can ask for any help you all need.
    11-18-08 05:00 PM
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    Geeze seems to me like any MAC user worth his salt would have this under control.

    In my case fusion + winblows + DTM gets it done. 45 minutes to install dtm 4.5 bb 4.5 and update the 8330.
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    11-22-08 06:27 PM