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    Missing Sync has been a complete DISASTER and talking with their tech people has NOT RESOLVED my problems. I finally after many hours was able to get the Calendar and tasks to sync, only to have Notes DUPLICATE every item on my BB and not sync new and deleted entries. I tried EVERYTHING TO GET it to work but nothing did. And then I noticed a bug that whenever I unplugged my BB from the USB port the Mac would require that I hold the power key to reboot in other words MS would hard crash my Mac. I tried 2.03 and 2.02 and nothing worked. Finally I gave up and am installing PocketMac as I write this and have requested a 100% REFUND on Missing Sync. I wont pay a dime for a product that does not work. Also today I noticed that calendar and tasks refused to sync again so that was the nail in the coffin for the buggy product.

    However there were some nice features in Missing Sync like the call & SMS log and the video converter. Anyone know of any replacement apps?


    01-27-10 07:24 PM