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    I am relatively new to both the BB and to the Mac so I am trying to figure something out.

    When I connect my BB to my MAC with my USB cable - I use PocketMac to sync and it works more or less well. However, just lately, when I try to eject the NoName drive (what I see when I accept mass media storage) I keep getting the alert that the device is in use and I should close applications and try again. I have turned everything off on my laptop and on my BB and it does not help. I keep getting the message so in desperation I just disconnect and I get the big warning that data might be lost etc because I improperly removed a device.

    Am I doing something wrong or neglecting to do something I should to eject the phone? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    11-08-07 03:38 PM
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    I've had the same problem before, and for me it was usually because i had a finder window open running the no name or that had accessed the no name(or of course if your actually trying to transfer data). When I closed them out it disconnected fine. But I have had that same problem and no matter what I did I couldn't get a successful eject. But I've encountered many eject problems with macs and pc's alike and its just a glitchy process( probably for the same reasons there's no desktop manager for mac its just not very efficient) But as long as your sure there aren't any processes or information sharing going on while you disconnect you shouldn't have any data loss. Its just a glitchy kind of thing.
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    11-08-07 06:58 PM
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    Thanks for the information. I had thought about the Finder window issue as well but I have closed every Finder window that i could find as well as every other application and still nothing. So then I tried to hibernate the Mac thinking that would take care of it but the message came up as soon as I woke it up.
    I will just be careful to make sure that nothing is going on before I disconnect. With the numbers of people switching to the Mac because of Vista issues, I sure hope BB gets the idea that more support for the Mac is in order.
    11-09-07 11:17 AM
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    I had the same problem, when i ejected it the icon when away but said it was still in use. Could this be because if you hook it up to the computer it actually is charging your battery? so its actually in use by providing a charge? i think so
    11-18-07 02:08 PM