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    New to this part of CB. I tend to stay in my little corner of the curve section. LOL I didn't even see the mac section- someone pointed it out to me. (I ask mac Qs a lot).

    Ok. Here's what no one has clearly answered that I can find:

    1) When I sync to my mac w/pocketmac, can I delete the preinstalled junk to free up more room using that(pocketmac)? or do I have to use a reg computer w/desktop manager?(And if I can only do it the latter way, does that require internet to do it? Or just tethering with a usb?)

    2) I read somewhere here that pocketmac only let's you move stuff from BB to mac, and not in reverse.
    I have loaded a bunch of itunes
    to my BB from my mac. But I couldn't get my address bk to send from BB to mac. (*edit- it worked on one mac, my daughter's-but not mine!) Do I have that right? And what's up with that?

    3) Can I use bluetooth to get online (from my BB) on my mac?
    I have never successfully gotten bluetooth to sync at all anyway, but if it ever happens...ha!
    What's weird is that both our macbook pros see my BB, and let you click connect but then immediately say "disconnected". Weird.


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    09-01-08 05:17 PM