1. Jay24322's Avatar
    so im totally new and clueless to bb, im on a macbook, and a few things i want, themes, the new OS and a few others, i got music on there thru usb/ pocketmac sync. um i need to get windows somehow on my mac to do the rest im guessing i need to have bootcamp or parellels and my own version of windows which will take me a while then, or will one of these things have windows preinstalled on it or is there someway it can work ota, and lastly how would i install themes? where would they go and what not ?
    04-05-09 12:49 PM
  2. rtkwon's Avatar
    I personally have not tried Bootcamp, but hear it's a good approach. What I have used, however, is VMWare. It's very stable and much more reliable than Parallels.

    Neither of the above three options come with Windows pre-installed, so you will have to get your own copy. OTA isntallation of OS upgrades is not possible, unless it is an official one. The leaked/unofficial OS upgrades is only possible through a Windows-based computer.

    Themes... you can either get them OTA if the creator chooses to provide them that way. You can also download them and using Desktop Manager (which requires Windows), you can add them through your Applications option.
    04-06-09 02:18 PM
  3. hackntossh's Avatar
    I personally have tried both Bootcamp and VMWare Fusion. I haven't successfully updated my OS via Fusion but can connect to Blackberry Desktop Manager, load apps, backup, and manage my certificates without issue.

    I have no issues when running Vista/XP and Blackberry Desktop manager on Bootcamp.
    04-06-09 04:36 PM