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    I will continue to update this thread as I learn new things. In theory, this thread should help save an inexperienced user a lot of headache (trial and error, and research). Hopefully, some of readers of this thread will have some new tips and tricks for syncing that they can share with the rest of us.

    DISCLAIMER: The author of this post makes no warranties, express or implied, and any reader of this post is deemed to have knowingly and voluntarily accepted any and all risks associated with failing to back up all data (in a safe location) before syncing a BlackBerry with a computer -- FIRST BACKUP YOUR DATA !!!!!!

    [NOTE: RIM pulled DesktopManager for Mac version 1.0.3 (build 16) from the shelf because it caused the word of users a whole lot of grief.]

    For those BlackBerry users that would prefer to avoid the synching nightmare, options include a plain old spreadsheet, text file, word processing document (e.g., bullet-points, etc.), and/or a manual calendar.

    Some users have chosen to create multiple calendars on their Mac and have those calendars sync to their BlackBerries as categories. It is my understanding that the MissingSync facilitates that goal.

    Users that rely upon DesktopManager for Mac by BlackBerry, are condemned to live a lonely life here on Earth without using categories. For organization purposes, tasks on the BlackBerry should have a title / subject heading containing the pseudo-category name (in my case, each client name is used; 'last_first -- insert description of the title/subject of the task'), and 12:00 a.m. should be the default time for every due date (unless it is a "someday" task that is undated). Categories are not supported in iCal (unless they are treated as separate calendars, discussed hereinabove) -- modifying a task on the Mac will cause the time (due date) to change to 12:00 a.m. (if it was initially synchronized from the BlackBerry as something else). Unless a user wants an alarm / reminder a day or more before a task is due, the alarm / reminder must be "dated" (with a time subsequent to 12:00 a.m.) and NOT "relative" (number of hours before) for alarms / reminders that go off on the day a task is due.

    There is a bug in DesktopManager for Mac that prevents BusyCal from properly synchronizing dated tasks that were created on the BlackBerry -- requiring a user to reset the BusyCal sync every time a new task is created on the BlackBerry and synchronized with iCal. [BusyCal initially sees timed tasks that come from the BlackBerry as GMT instead of PST, and the tasks show up in BusyCal as being due one day EARLIER than the actual due date.] I have submitted a bug report to bbsuggestions@rim.com regarding this issue -- if any readers of this thread know of a better way to get a message to the developers of RIM, please post that information in this thread.

    DesktopManager for Mac does not properly convert BlackBerry "timed tasks" into iCal "dated tasks" -- Desktop Manager for Mac is pushing dated tasks to Sync Services with the following flag set to zero:

    "due date is date only" = 0;

    When that flag is set to zero, dated tasks are going to look like timed tasks in BusyCal. Timed tasks are only partially supported in BusyCal, and not at all in iCal. It is likely that iCal is changing the "timed tasks" into "dated tasks" later, and that's why resetting BusyCal pulls in the corrected data. The best solution would be to have Blackberry set the flag properly.

    Observation: Mail.app in OSX 10.5 appears to be buggy in terms of the way the tasks sync with iCal -- modifications of tasks made in BusyCal are correctly reflected within iCal, however, Mail.app task view maintains a "ghost" of a task that may no longer exist, or of a task before it was modified. Mail.app with OSX 10.6 seems to do much better than OSX 10.5 on this issue.

    Desktop Manager (Mac) for BlackBerry is a mandatory two-way sync, which can result in database errors with contacts / tasks / events being out of sync due to frequent computer switching -- i.e., desktops, laptops, etc. One idea would be to designate the BlackBerry as the master database (backup up frequently with Desktop Manager for Mac) and to delete the following information on the computer before synching the BlackBerry with Desktop Manager (Mac). [FIRST BACKUP YOUR DATA !!!!!! -- the following is for experienced users ONLY, who have PREVIOUSLY backed-up ALL data in a safe location -- FIRST BACKUP YOUR DATA !!!!!!]:

    1. Address Book -- Go into the Address Book, highlight all the address cards and delete them all.

    2. Navigate to the folder ~Users/Library/Calendars, and delete the entire contents.

    3. Navigate to ~Users/Library/Application Support/SyncServices, and delete the entire contents.

    4. Navigate to ~Users/Library/Application Support/BusyCal, and delete BusyCal.bsql

    5. Reboot, and empty the trash.

    6. [Notes in Mail.app / Memo in BlackBerry -- I do not use Memo except for something briefly that is later deleted, but it does have syncing ability with Mail.app and Entourage.]

    [To make this process less time consuming, a user might want to set up alias links to the relevant folders in the main directory (e.g., with a "0." in front of the name) to easily locate and delete the contents thereof-- e.g., 0.Calendars; 0.SyncServices; 0.BusyCal.]

    NOTE -- The author of this post has not yet verified whether DesktopManager for Mac version 1.0.2 also suffers from the following bug that was seen when using version 1.0.3 (build 16).; however, the workaround applies to both versions and it is easier for organization purposes if tasks are different colors than events.): There is an issue syncing with two (2) calendars (home and work) when using BusyCal (version 1.2.3); iCal (version 4.0.2 -- 1379); and BlackBerry Desktop Manager (Version 1.0.3 -- build 16); running on Snow Leopard 10.6.3. After resetting the BusyCal database to put it into sync with the iCal database (to fix the out of sync by one day task issue between GMT and PST discussed in this thread), there is a possibility the events that were initially synced to one calendar, will want to sync to the other calendar when using DesktopManager -- resulting in duplicate entries of all events. [Please note that it is normal for the BusyCal resetting to cause DesktopManager to modify all events from an "empty" classification, to a "public" classification.] One way around the double event syncing dilemma is as follows: Use the default "Home" calendar in iCal for Events, and use the default "Work" calendar in iCal for Tasks -- alternatively, you can delete one of the calendars in iCal so that only one calendar is used for both tasks and events. One idea would be to change the label and color of the "Home" calendar to "events" [color red], and the "Work" calendar to "tasks" [color black]. DesktopManager can be set up so that Calendar section is set to "events" for "Add events created on BlackBerry device to"; and set DesktopManger so that Tasks section is set to "tasks" for "Add tasks created on BlackBerry device to". Upon deletion of all tasks / events as described above and rebooting, the first attempt to start DesktopManager will yield an error to recognize the calendars (you can see the calendars in the DesktopManager window changing names and colors [as if to say "confusion alert"] -- just close DesktopManager and reopen it again (make sure iCal and BusyCal and Mail.app are closed when doing this operation); repeat the open / close DesktopManager dance after resetting the database with BusyCal and also reset the tasks section of Desktop Manager to the "tasks" database for the section entitled "Add tasks created on BlackBerry device to" (resetting the BusyCal database causes the tasks section of DesktopManager to revert back to the first calendar at the top of the list, which is events instead of tasks) -- this will avoid syncing errors. To save time, leave the DesktopManager window set to display the tasks settings so that it is easier that setting back to sync with the tasks database as needed. The events seem to want to sync with the first calendar in the DesktopManager list, which by default is the iCal "Home" calendar -- it makes sense to follow what the application naturally wants wants to do (i.e., making the first calendar at the top of the list for events), and then there is no issue with duplicates.

    Google has not yet released to the world of developers a method of syncing tasks; and the BlackBerry task application of Google is still in beta with an inability to sync due dates and notes.

    BusyCal can be configured to use the iCal database and sync with Google.

    Here is an option some users are experimenting with (NOTE: In my initial testing, AppigoSync rendered Desktop Manager for Mac inoperative, making it impossible to do things like back-up data and sync with that utility):

    1. Mac -- BusyCal ("events" synchronized with Google calendar), and Appigo Sync ("tasks" syncing with Toodledo) [beta]).

    2. BlackBerry -- PocketInformant 2.1 ("tasks" syncing with Toodledo) [beta], and "events" syncing with Google Sync calendar.

    [NOTE: Toodledo has a plugin for Outlook on a Windows PC.]

    Microsoft has an exciting new public beta for Office 2010 with Outlook, which should be sold in stores in a few months. Desktop Manager for PC syncs with Outlook, and Appigo Sync (Windows beta) has a Toodledo plugin for Outlook. PocketInformant 2.1 (beta) syncs with Toodledo (via wifi, or standard cell phone data usage). PocketInformant can sync in one or two directions with the main PIM database of the BlackBerry (depending upon a user preference).

    PocketMac (version 4, and version 5): PocketMac may be a viable solution for many users who use iCal, Entourage, Lotus Notes, Daylite, Address Book, Stickies. Unfortunately, I am presently out of luck with my BlackBerry 9700 (v5.0.0.405 -- platform and OSX (intel versions 10.5.7, 10.5.8, and 10.6.3). PocketMac version 4 does not recognize the device through USB and there is no update for my unit. PocketMac version 5 (PMBB5.01, build 248; and also PMBB5.0, build 238) incorrectly converts the due dates for ALL tasks to "Tomorrow" (which makes it unusable for my needs considering I have about 200 tasks with due dates spread out over a period of about 12 months). I have submitted a bug report for PocketMac version 5, and I am being pleasantly persistent -- I have also submitted a feature request for version 5 to please include a "check for updates" button (which is missing), and a request for a link on their website to list the current version number / build and release notes (so that I can know before downloading and installing whether it is worth making another attempt at installation and syncing).

    MissingSync (version 2.0.2, and version 2.0.3): The MissingSync may be a viable solution for many users who want to sync with iCal and Address Book. Unfortunately, I am presently out of luck with my BlackBerry 9700 (v5.0.0.405 -- platform and OSX (intel versions 10.5.7, 10.5.8, and 10.6.3). Versions 2.0.2 and 2.0.3 do not maintain a USB connection with the Bold 9700 mass storage media card (i.e., disk), which unmounts improperly when accessing the media card. I experienced duplicate entries of work telephone numbers and anniversaries when syncing contacts to Address Book with version 2.0.2. Version 2.0.3 HANGS when syncing tasks using OSX 10.5.8. Version 2.0.3 syncs all tasks to iCal as being one day EARLIER than the actual due date. I have submitted bug reports and am being pleasantly persistent. MissingSync seems promising because the timed tasks on the BlackBerry are correctly converted by the MissingSync to tasks that are due at midnight (iCal standard), and BusyCal reads the iCal database without the need of resetting the sync as set forth hereinabove.

    Calendaring Programs for the Mac (some sync, and some do not): iCal; BusyCal; Entourage; Dejumble; EasyTaskManager; Contactizer Pro; Today; Things; DayLite; Omnifocus; GeekTool and icalBuddy; iClockPro; TheHitList; Menu Calendar Clock; iSlayer; Pluto; DoBeDo; iCalEvents; Lotus Notes; Anxiety; iDeskCal; Agenda; Now X (out of business); DayChaser; Rainlendar; and Novell Groupwise.
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    Why not setup a gmail account as an intermediary
    01-27-10 03:05 PM
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    pocket mac is not going to be re written for anything.... there using desktop manager on mac now
    01-27-10 04:15 PM
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    I gave up on trying to make my mac sync with pocketmac and dm and moved to gmail. I got a program called spanning sync which syncs my ical to my google calendat then use google sync on the berry to get the calendar there. I also just gave up completely with address book and moved all my contacts to my gmail account and use the new contact sync feature in bis. Then with mail gmail is imap so mail and berry both get them.

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    01-27-10 07:18 PM
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    [Consolidated with first post in this thread for ease of reading.]
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    As for PocketMac synchronization, there is reportedly a release scheduled to support the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in the next couple of weeks -- thank heavens.
    ooh keep me posted on this, im running OS 10.4 havent upgraded yet, and am also using google sync just for the calendar. but would find it awesome to have a new pocketmac
    03-04-10 02:57 PM
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    [consolidated with the first post in this thread for ease of reading.]
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    [consolidated with first post in this thread for ease of reading]
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    I think google is the best method. ical, mail, addressbook on the mac sync with google and google sync two way sync with the bb. changing on one device will change on all devices.
    04-25-10 12:04 PM
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    I agree. Why don't you simply use Google? OSX's Address Book has native support for Google Contacts, and iCal has native (on 10.6) or through manual CalDAV (on 10.5) support for Google Calendar.

    You can then Sync it all up to your phone using Google Sync.
    04-25-10 04:07 PM
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    Thank you for the suggestions -- they are greatly appreciated! [consolidated with first item in thread for ease of reading]
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    Is there a software program on these issues for the pc? I struggle (daily) with the lack of BB and Google integration of 'tasks.' The reviews of some of these beta programs are truly scary. Any updates?
    04-26-10 12:33 PM
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    [consolidated in the initial post for this thread for ease of reading]
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    I've left the outlook for google gmail/calendar/contacts and they are syncing great with my 9700. Only the tasks sync is missing. Toodledo looks interesting but doesn't seem to interface with google. Any advice?? Thanks....
    04-26-10 01:11 PM
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    Keep an eye on the beta Google task sync with BlackBerry, right here in the CrackBerry app store. The solution will likely come later this year. I have even thought about opening my own calendar management company, but I cannot compete with Google.
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    04-26-10 01:27 PM