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    Hi guys, I got pointed this way by one of the guys over at OCUK as the best place to ask awkward questions about BB and Mac.....

    so here I am

    I'm coming up for an upgrade, and i'm quite tempted by a Curve/Bold,

    How well do these work with the mac mail.app, and ical? I've heard that there's something that connects to itunes also?

    I'm currently using a .mac/mobileme account, so can i configure the BB (of whichever variety) to use this? and would it be as an imap or pop mail account? Still slightly confused as to how push email works in regards IMAP accounts, (if indeed it works that way) do you just tell it to leave a copy of the mail on the server or does it work better to use it as an imap account?
    07-10-09 12:48 PM