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    I have a newer imac (one with leopard) and I Had a BB pearl with the software loaded, but deleted it all because I thought it made sense with my new storm, and then I tried to load the NEW Blackberry user tools off of the cd that came with my storm and it won't do anything.. I get the initial little box but when I click to open, it shows me an empty box.. What this all stemmed from Is I bought a theme off of the appstore and couldn't figure out how to download it because the directions were different, leading me to think I needed to reload the software for my phone.. Please help, Now I cant backup my phone OR download my new theme.....
    05-04-09 06:40 AM
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    32 views no replies?? Have I stooped the crackberry Forums???
    05-04-09 05:31 PM
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    The CD that comes with the BB is Windows only.

    There are 3rd party apps to Sync with a Mac: Pocket Mac (free) or Missing Sync ($40) neither of which is great.

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    05-05-09 01:04 PM