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    Just to report on a solution for a prob I had had when syncing with imac.
    I bought a imac and synced it with BB desktop for mac with my 9780.
    On the initial sync it did a SYNC ALERT saying it would like to change nearly all of my calendar entires but when I looked at the BEFORE and AFTER view it seemed all fine and no apparent change expect it wanted to change it to a PUBLIC profile from a GENERAL profile??????? So in the end I accepted the changes and voila all works fab!
    BUT I could never get any answers re why this did this. Anyway, after having my new imac for 4 months I had to have the HD replaced and had a few issues so they replaced it some 3 weeks ago with the latest icore 5 thunderbolt machine and I had all the mac CLONED to the new one with a mac shop. When I synced for the first time with my 9780 and BB desktop for mac it wanted, again to change nearly all my calendar entires like before so again I said yes.
    ANYWAY giot this reply from BB support but wonder if any of you LEARNED FOLK out there can shed more light and have you ever had this issue?Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Customer Support.

    (-The reason why BlackBerry desktop manager synchronization using public profile is because its by design different vendors have different preferences for their synchronization applications hence BlackBerry desktop manager only use public profile for synchronization.)
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    Spoke to a fab guy today at RIM and the reason why is: Blackberry uses a PUBLIC profile for it's calendar and when it first syncs with a mac it has to basically have permission from the imac and it just has to conform to be allowed onto the mac. Now I know but have never seen anyone with the same issue, surely someone must have had the same????
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