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    Ok, so I had a Blackberry Bold and I lost it over spring break. I bought a new one this weekend from a friend because he was going to buy the Javelin. He cleared the phone and erased everything from it. He also took the memory card (the one that is plugged in at the side of the phone) i got an old one that i had laying around and i put it in. The phone recognized it perfectly and i even had some of the photos that i took with my old phone. So after i added all my contacts to my blackberry messenger and did the basics, i decided to add some music to it. I connected the phone using the USB cable to my MacBook and usually i would see on the desktop folders for the blackberry where i could drag and drop media files and they would sync with the phone. But i didnt see any folders. I downloaded PocketMac and it says that "No media card present" and it shows no sign of recognizing my phone. I used the BlackBerry Media Sync and also didn't recognize it. The funny thing is that when i plug in my phone it charges like normal but my computer doesnt seem to recognize it. I thought it was a computer problem so I plugged in an old blackberry that i had and it worked perfectly. So i guess its the phone. I enabled Mass Storage. I also have tried using DoubleTwist. If anyone can help, i would really appreciate it. Thank you.
    04-28-09 08:10 PM