1. crabbybahstid's Avatar
    Okay. I went through the initial setup fine. Aside from some corrupted dates that ended up multiplying some birthdays, etc, my "Home," "Work," and "Events" calendars sync'ed just fine. I've since added entries on the BB (Tour 9630) which sync'ed to iCal, and added "Home" entries on iCal that sync'ed to the BB fine. BUT...I just entered a "Work" entry on iCal that I can't get to sync to the BB. I tried syncing just the "Work" calendar, and actually overwriting from the desktop, and that event doesn't show up on the BB. It's an "all day" event, if that makes any difference.

    All suggestions welcome!
    08-23-09 11:58 AM
  2. crabbybahstid's Avatar
    Okay, I'm an *****. iCal schedules forever, but MissingSync lets you specify how far into the past it holds old events, and how far into the future it puts info into the BB. I had it set at the original default (2 mos each way), when I'd entered an event for November (>3mos). Solved.

    Anyway, hopefully this helps some other hapless noob.
    08-23-09 12:16 PM