1. michelgriess's Avatar
    When I sync my Curve 8520 with my mac, the time of a meting changes. if for example a write a meeting in my phone between 01:00 to 02:00, it will be marked on my computer between 02:00 to 03:00.

    Another problem: a meeting that will last one all day does not appear in the day i marked. for example: if a mark an event for a whole day on 10/01/2010, when I sync it will appear on 09/30/2010.

    Does anyone have a solution?


    09-22-10 12:49 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    You can thank Steve Jobs

    But to me it sounds like a time zone issue.

    What program are you syncing to?
    And are they both set to the same timezone?

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    09-22-10 06:42 AM
  3. michelgriess's Avatar
    Both are according to time zone Israel Standard Time (GMT + 2).

    Is it linked to Daylight saving time (DST)?

    I sync with the software provided by Blackberry in their website. It works OK, apart from these 2 issues.

    09-22-10 08:32 AM