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    Hey all,

    I do not want to waste anyone's time, but I have not been able to find something of this sort (though im sure it has to exist), so I'm asking to get pointed in the right direction..

    I'm a mac user (im)patiently waiting to get the niagara when it releases, and would like to know what kind of obstacles/hurdles i'll need to overcome when using a blackberry with a mac as my main computer. is there a 101 lesson for mac users? FAQ + answers? anything like that?

    i have a feeling it's right in front of my face, but so far i haven't been successful in finding anything of the sort.

    Thanks for the help!


    Edit** after noticing a few posts about boot camp and such i thought i'd point out -- i dont run vista nor do i have any intention of ever doing so...chillin with OS X. i live a very apple-based life other than my future bb =).
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    There is only one particular thing that you will run into: the current free version of Pocket Mac (sync sw) sucks quite a bit. Connects only 3 out of 5 times for me. It also will not allow you to do Software updates to your BB. It is rumored that RIM will publish a 100 percent identical version of the Windows Desktop Manager with all its abilities somewhere in the first half of this year.

    There is also a 3rd party app called Markspace Missing Sync (The Missing Sync for Mobile Smartphones to Mac OS X and Windows) that will allow for quite glitchless synching although you have to pay for it. Please note that this software also will not be able to do Software updates.

    For the rest I have found the BB - Mac connection to be one that is far easier to set up then almost any other phone I have had (and I've had lots of all brands and types) except for the iPhone. The BB comes right in the second place concerning mac connectivity. You can transfer your foto's from iPhoto, sznc your Playlists with iTunes, sync with Adress Book and iCal, use it as a thethered modem... Practically all you could wish and hope for.

    BTW I dropped my iPhone 3G in favor of the Bold and that says something, being a part of the proud and few Mac crew since 1992.

    Welcome to crackberry and enjoy once you get yours!

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    Thanks for the info! maybe i'll get lucky and by the time the niagara comes out the rumored mac desktop manager will be ready as well.. but i'll be content with just the phone for now .

    one more question tho -- with both of the sync softwares you mentioned, i believe you said both were unable to update the software on my BB. how is that done then?

    thanks again!

    04-08-09 01:02 AM
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    You have to run it on a windows based pc since you dont want to run boot camp or parallels.
    04-08-09 05:49 AM
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    You have to run it on a windows based pc since you dont want to run boot camp or parallels.
    seriously? that's the only way i can update?
    04-08-09 09:20 AM
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    seriously? that's the only way i can update?
    Not really. If you have a Blackberry with OS 4.6 or greater you can wait for your carrier to release an official update and update your handheld wirelessly. Currently the Storm, Bold, and 8900 can do this in the states.

    If you want to muddle around with the beta software(s) then you will need Desktop Manager on a PC.
    04-08-09 10:25 AM
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    ahh ic, that makes sense. well hopefully they either make a mac desktop manager or start the 9630 off with a nice OS so i don't have to worry about any of it.

    thanks for all the help!

    04-08-09 10:31 AM
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    Actually Missing Sync is not glitch-less. It has it's share of problems just like Pocket Mac; worse if you ask me since it cost $40 and support isn't in a hurry to help you out.

    These forums are loaded with people who have problems with both programs so for now, Mac/BB exclusively isn't there yet.

    Cowadin, in order to upgrade your BB OS, you'll either need windows on your Mac or a PC.
    04-08-09 10:28 PM
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    Thanks for this info... being a mac user myself it has been very helpful
    04-09-09 01:01 PM
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    Unfortunately both softwares for mac have problems and glitches. Pocket mac only transferred less then half of my contacts before it froze. I now use google sync to sync my address book and calendars. It works perfectly and there is no need to connect to the computer

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    04-09-09 03:10 PM
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    Cowadin, in order to upgrade your BB OS, you'll either need windows on your Mac or a PC.
    I have an old sh!tty PC (i know i know "sh!tty PC" is a bit redundant.. ) would it be ok for me just to use that to grab software for my bb, and deal with watever glitches i have to while syncing my berry to the mac? that doesn't sound too bad to me, just as long as it works on it's own i'll deal with having to be patient while hooking it up to a comp.

    side note -- software will include not only OS updates, but also apps and themes and stuff too right?

    04-09-09 04:44 PM