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    I am a new Mac DTM user (and BlackBerry user) and decided to check out the forums. I have a slight advantage in getting some help when I have issues though as I know one of the new developers on the Mac team at RIM currently.

    I was having connection issues and he helped me fix them quickly. Its a bit weird to me that settings on my device can affect how I connect to a Mac. Anyways, I asked him about all the issues I have seen on the forums and he said that he actually views all posts on crackberry and a couple of other forums from time to time. He said he would love to help, but no one posts any detailed debug logs, he will find cryptic instructions that he can rarely reproduce (though he did say he fixed one or two bugs he found on this forum in particular). He said he wants to help, but he is afraid to post anywhere in an official capacity. Seeing as I have no such fear I figured I would post something to try and help him out a little.

    So if you have issues, post your logs if possible. There in the Application Support BlackBerry folder. I know at least one developers checks back here looking for issues people have.

    Anyways, I know he will be reading this at some point, so, hopefully I helped you out a little, and thanks again for fixing my connection issue I love my new Bold 9700
    08-07-10 10:37 PM