1. Proda's Avatar
    I've read from some posters that the pocketmac does not work with the bold? is this true? If so, what can i do to sync it? Does missing sync work?
    10-13-08 11:09 PM
  2. bodisaffa's Avatar
    Missing sync works perfect for me with the bold

    Pocket mac...............Not so much LOL!
    10-14-08 04:19 AM
  3. RodneyJ725's Avatar
    Missing sync works perfect for me with the bold

    Pocket mac...............Not so much LOL!
    Same for me. I'm a new Bold owner, and almost cried trying to use PocketMac. Yesterday, I got MissingSync and was running in under 2 minutes.

    I could not find a trial version option on MissingSync's site (everything was "buy"), but on VersionTracker site, they had the latest version, and it is a 14-day trial. And the trial if full-featured. I'm syncing flawlessly with iCal, Addressbook, and Microsoft Entourage 2008. I've not tried with .Mac (or .Me).

    10-14-08 04:30 AM
  4. Proda's Avatar
    thanks very much
    10-14-08 08:29 PM
  5. Brunos82's Avatar
    Finally got my Pocketmac to sync with the Bold 9000.

    Make sure if you have the old version of pocketmac to uninstall that first. then restart

    Now go and download the new version, install, don't restart, install driver, and restart.

    Make sure your bold under options, memory, make sure mass storage support is on.

    Restart your phone by turning it off, take the bat out, back in, and turn on phone.

    Connect your USB to your phone - the battery indicator should have a flash next to it- this lets you know your cable works

    Now open up pocketmac

    In pocketmac make sure if you have a .mac account that the password is right - it should say verified

    If you are syncing photos, music, etc.. I would do that seperate because it takes a long time.

    I got it to work by doing one at a time though.

    Kinda sad because I used to get the curve 8310 done and the same thing for the Storm it worked great.

    So far I'm not too happy but its free.

    I'm using the newest version of Leapord and a macbook aluminum with the factory OS of the Bold.

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    04-20-09 09:42 PM