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    these are probably super newbie questions and for that i do apologize.

    please also bare with me that i'm not amazing with computer lingo. a lot of the stuff i see on this forums doesn't even look like english to me. haha. any help would be appreciated. preferably in simple step by step instructions. thanks!

    1. when i'm in pocketmac, i click on the itunes tab and the box is grey so i am unable to send anything from itunes to the phone. it says i dont have a media card installed. but there is atleast a small media card on the phone. its the standard stock card that comes with the phone right out of the box. can anyone explain how to move music via itunes or any other means.

    2. using the phone as a modem? is this even possible. pocketmac doesn't even really mention it. not quite sure what's going on there. i care a lot more.

    thanks for reading. please help!
    02-08-09 02:11 PM