1. bwphoto's Avatar
    Pocketmac worked fine but now when it gets to the final step "Synchronizing data" it seems to take forever and never finish. The green wheel spins and the progress bar isn't locked up, but it just doesn't stop moving.

    What gives?
    10-24-08 04:17 PM
  2. NFLBlitze1's Avatar
    whats the longest amount of time that youve waited and which model mac computer are u running?
    10-24-08 05:42 PM
  3. bwphoto's Avatar
    MBP 10.4.11 and PocketMac 1.2 (1.4) I usually give up after a several minutes. When it worked, it wouldn't take more than a minute. How long would you suggest I try waiting?
    10-24-08 07:24 PM
  4. NFLBlitze1's Avatar
    well one thing you must understand about PocketMac is its full of bugs and not a very reliable program. First of all i would recommend you give it more time then a few minutes sometimes what ur syncing may take longer. Second of all, when you first used it, im not sure on this but it may be newer things that you are trying to sync, you should restart your computer and then try it if you haven't already, if that doesn't work i would recommend trying to reinstalling it. If all else fails, i would recommend purchasing MISSING SYNC, which is a great program and has great reviews.
    10-24-08 10:45 PM
  5. bwphoto's Avatar
    Thanks NFLBlitze1. I'll let it go for a while and see if anything changes. It's not the first time I've used it and I've had great success with it in the past. I had Missing Sync before and didn't find it to be worth the money, especially now that PocketMac can sync with iTunes. For some reason, Missing Sync wouldn't do that for me when I had it. (Using a VZW Pearl, FYI.) Anyway, thanks again.
    10-24-08 11:11 PM
  6. NFLBlitze1's Avatar
    let me know how it turns out
    10-24-08 11:45 PM
  7. bwphoto's Avatar
    I've let it run for at least 15 minutes, nothing. Reinstalled PocketMac, still nothing. I didn't delete the original version - should I have?
    10-28-08 08:09 PM
  8. bwphoto's Avatar
    OK - so I wiped the data off my phone (Options -> Security Options -> General Settings -> menu button / Wipe Handheld) and tried to sync again and it worked - sync'd everything in about 45 seconds. Took another few minutes to reconfig my settings and I'm back on track. No idea what caused it, but... there you go.
    10-28-08 08:41 PM
  9. huge's Avatar
    Ahh, finally, thanks, swiping the memory definitely worked for me with the "endless synchronizing data". Now I can even push my itunes onto the storm. Great!

    In my case, before swiping the memory, I went through and tried synching different applications, one by one, and found that it was the CONTACTS app was causing the problem.

    I also went through the hassle of copying to paper every contact entry by hand in case I was to lose the data after the swipe.

    FYI, if anyone is nervous about swiping, as I was, it will NOT erase contact information, it does lose emails and files as well as configuration settings (such as email setup), but nothing that cant be easily restored.
    03-06-09 10:12 AM
  10. bolderberry's Avatar
    Finally success!! Thank you bwphoto for the swiping tip. After three agonizing days of battling pocketmac -- installing, reinstalling, stalking customer service, etc., this was FINALLY the thing that made it work for me. Many, many thanks!
    03-12-09 02:36 PM
  11. normally_crazy's Avatar
    Pocketmac worked flawlessly the 1st time but went into the endless loop whenever I tried to sync after that.

    Swiping sorted the problem - thanks
    03-16-09 02:12 AM
  12. kevdog919's Avatar
    FYI, if anyone is nervous about swiping, as I was, it will NOT erase contact information, it does lose emails and files as well as configuration settings (such as email setup), but nothing that cant be easily restored.
    Tried this and it DEFIANTLY DID wipe my contacts when I ran the swipe but the good news is that I had MOST of them backed up on my computer from back when PocketMac was working. So I would caution that you might loose your contacts along with you messages and settings.
    This being said, running the swipe did correct the "endless sync" problem and I can now do everything I expect using PocketMac.
    04-06-09 12:43 AM
  13. mposer's Avatar
    Did anybody loose any of there applications after the wipe? The contacts are the least of my worries.
    04-06-09 09:26 PM
  14. Slider_'s Avatar
    I seemed to have lost all my calender info off my mac today while doing the sync. It seems to be on my BB 8330 still.. What should I do?
    04-07-09 07:56 PM
  15. greenblackberry's Avatar
    I have a related problem. Hope it's cool to post here.
    I just got my first blackberry and love the **** out of it but overstock.com who i bought it from sent me a used one when i paid for a new one (btw they are giving full refund inc s&h at least). i couldn't wait to get a new one to set my new bb up so i have and will soon need to transfer to the new bb. i have the 7290 and a white macbook. i got pocketmac and it froze up but i'm hoping it will work. assuming it does, is it safe to backup with that then wipe the old send it back, and restore to the new???
    is it risky? should i do another backup on roommates pc to be safe?

    thanks for your help folks!
    04-07-09 08:48 PM
  16. Slider_'s Avatar
    I would back it up for sure... I fixed the issue of it never finishing by not syncing the email since its done over the net any way. try that...
    04-07-09 09:46 PM
  17. ellemarie's Avatar
    Oh my goodness....
    you just don't understand what I been through and I'm just now finding this post.

    I came back home with my CLNR/like new replacement from verizon today around 4PM... I just now found this post and did the wipe handheld, and all my contacts are finallly back on my storm!

    PocketMac just closed down by itself in error but it synced all them f**kers! Scuse my language i was just so aggravated with this crap. I was ready to complain to RIM even though I been knew there was no other default DM for syncing bb's with Mac's

    All these hours i was trying to see if i can bluetooth them, transfer them to my brother's PC and then sync with a DM, everything!

    The wipe handheld worked lovely.
    06-30-09 08:25 PM
  18. nchairchic's Avatar
    backed up to my old windows machine and am now wiping will lett you know outcome wish me luck
    07-11-09 07:56 AM
  19. nchairchic's Avatar
    wiped out - restoring select databases back to the BB from the windows ie; passwords and browser bookmarks
    07-11-09 08:51 AM
  20. nchairchic's Avatar
    still just sitting there .. only doing contacts this time ... its only grabbing half of them (124 of 352) now what any ideas now????
    07-11-09 12:25 PM
  21. kayaknclimb's Avatar
    Hi, I have a Bold and am having the same problem with pocketmac. do you think wiping the handheld will work just same? also, will i loose my applications if I wipe the handheld?

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    07-14-09 02:38 PM
  22. kayaknclimb's Avatar
    actually, all i did was selected to not sync with my email since it does that over the net, and pocketmac completed the sync on the next try, it might be worth it to try this before wiping the handheld
    07-14-09 02:49 PM