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    So I just got my first mac and blackberry, and I don't have TOO much data to port around. But I'm having two problems. First, I tried to sync my bookmarks, and it's weird, I have this bookmarks icon on my berry and there are plus signs, so when i press the space bar, it opens up all my bookmarks, but I can't actually go to any of them... what's the deal with this? Is there any way to just remove this from my berry? It's annoying to have a useless program or whatever that is on my berry. Second, and MOST important....

    I have a Today theme and it shows my Mom's birthday as if they are 6 events today, but they are dated 3/22, which is odd itself since her bday is 3/23. But anyways, why the heck are those events showing on my home screen like they're supposed to happen today? How do I get those off? I've tried plugging back in and resyncing but it does nothing. HELP??
    07-19-09 12:59 PM
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    Help anyone?
    07-23-09 02:15 PM