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    Hi, i have a mac so i use pocketmac but the problem is that i can never really get a successful sync. Theres always a problem where it hangs and freeze when its syncing music or calender. I know for a fact that it isnt because it's still syncing because i purposely picked a small playlist just to see if it works. Anyone else have the same problem? Oh and also, if i do sync music again, will it resync everything or just update new music i added onto itunes? Thanks.
    03-20-09 12:17 AM
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    I personally use missing sync for mac. Its a good software but yea even it slows up when loading music or pic. I suggest you doing it this way.

    For music - Use BB Bold mass media storage mode. So its just copy and paste.

    For Calender. - Go to iCal...on the file tab, there is a button 'EXPORT'. after you save the file n computer paste it in bold as you are pasting some music file.

    Then on bold go to MEDIA..Go to EXPLORE. And now select the calender exported file and it will ask weather you want to save or not. Say YES.

    This was for the first time calender sync. Next time you do it normally from pocketmac as it won't have too many entries and will only update or add the edited or new ones.

    PHEW...that was quite long to type. Hope it helps
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    03-20-09 01:44 AM
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    Get missing sync for MAC, it is worth the price.
    03-20-09 12:00 PM