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    I've been with Macs for the past 2 months.. tried to sync with D.M and all my 600 odd contacts have got mixed up... my bad luck that the last backup i did was quite some time back... need some help very badly..

    1. I've been reading about google sync ..
    a. Has anybody tried it - is it ok if i use it to sync my contacts / notes between macbook pro and blackberry?

    b. in the faq, it mentions that :
    Each time you send an email, Gmail automatically adds the recipient of that email to your contact list. There is currently no way to prevent Gmail from adding these contacts. You are able to delete unwanted contacts, however. To permanently delete a contact, follow these steps:
    i presume that's only when u send emails USING GMAIL, right?

    2. i just need a ONE WAY SYNC FROM MY MAC TO MY BERRY - - for notes / calender / contacts. Is google sync ok for me or is there any other option (even a paid option is fine..)

    3. I love my blackberry but if syncing is such a big deal, then perhaps its better go for Iphone. The only issue that worries me is that in blackberry the data is sort of compressed ... in Iphone, the data bills run quite high especially when roaming. Any input on this will be a huge help.

    Thanks to everyone for the help...
    10-06-09 07:33 AM