1. cent_fl_guy's Avatar
    So I just went to pin someone and discovered all of the pin numbers for contacts are gone, and so are any numbers that I had in the "other" category. After doing some screaming and slamming of things I think I have discovered the root of the problem. I am syncing my curve on my macbook pro using pocketmac to sync with entourage. It appears the problem is that entourage does not have a PIN or other category so it just deleted all of these entries. Does anyone have any info on how I can add those categories to entourage or am I in big trouble.
    11-12-08 11:00 AM
  2. WFLDEng636's Avatar
    When I was using Entourage I used to have the database mapping fields from the BB to Entourage. I do not remember them any more because Entourage was too much trouble. But there is an easy way to find what goes to where on Entourage. Create a dummy record on the BB. Fill in all the fields you need with dummy numbers. Write down what those numbers are and what field they are in. Sync it to Entourage and match them up. It will take PIN numbers your just have to find out where.
    11-12-08 10:50 PM
  3. ughlee's Avatar
    The Blackberry PIN Field maps to Home Fax in Entourage 2008 on OS X 10.4.
    01-14-09 01:13 PM