1. amala1129's Avatar
    So I called into tech support, my boyfriend called in and had them email him something. I followed all the instructions and am still stuck. Help, someone, please.
    01-09-09 12:42 AM
  2. darkone338's Avatar
    perhaps if you gave us some more info into exactly what youre trying to do and any errors you get we might be able to help. Bluetoothing could mean a multitude of things
    01-09-09 02:37 AM
  3. amala1129's Avatar
    I'm trying to teether my phone so I can get an internet connection and use it on my lunch break at work.
    It is not giving any errors. It says connecting across the screen for about 20-30 seconds then disconnecting then an error pops up saying "Could not negotiate a connection with the remote PPP server. Please verify your settings and try again."

    Hope that helps so you can hopefully help me!!

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    01-10-09 12:48 AM