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    Ok, I had Alltel and was using it to pair with my Mac laptop. Had the Moto Q9C. Well, the phone went belly up and they sent me a replacement. Only, this one had the 6.1 OS on it and the other had the 6.0. The 6.1 would NOT work. And I'd been tethering for a year with the other one. Finally, after major discussions with Alltel, they let me out of my contract a year and a half early.

    Ok, so now I just bought the BB Tour. I haven't even tried to tether it yet (mainly because the nifty little thing is just like having your own computer in your palm) but I'm getting ready to. I currently have Verizon as my service.

    Here's my question: I've been looking through message boards and I'm seeing that some people are tethering without having to pay for it. Right now, I have the plan that is $59.99 for unlimited texts and data (I think) and 450 minutes of talk time. But I was told by Verizon that I had to purchase their MOBILE data plan in order to tether. And any way you sliced it, that plan was another $60. So, my total is, of course, $120. Pretty steep.

    Is there a way to do the bluetooth tethering to the Mac without having to pay for it like this???? I'd love to save MANY dollars here.

    Thanks in advance!!
    09-04-09 11:41 AM
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    You can tether without the tethering plan. A good number of people on CB do. Just keep your usage light. And don't under any circumstances go over 5GB of data. It will cost you big time if you get caught.

    With the plan that you have you should be able to pay $15.00 per month to add tethering. Call and ask. Or log on to your account and add it.

    Good luck

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    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    09-05-09 12:09 AM
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    Yeah! if you watch video or anything like that you might want a Tethering plan. I heard of some people getting like $4000 bills from there carrier who went over there 5GB limit which is the limit on all unlimited data plans.
    09-05-09 12:53 AM
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    Ok. Thanks for the tips. I'm just a little unsure of how to go about getting this situated with Verizon. I haven't even tried to hook up the tethering by way of how they have me set up. Meaning, there's a CD that came with my Tour and I'm assuming there are instructions on there for how to do the tethering. I just haven't done it.

    I'm just worried that if I call them to cancel the $60 data plan that I have with them and then I go to try and hook up by way of bluetooth tethering, it's not going to work and then I'm going to be in a mess of having to call them back and re-do something. I mean, how am I going to explain all this without looking suspicious??!

    Surely they have realized that people can (????) do this without purchasing their ridiculously priced $60 plan. Haven't they? Is this why they try to insist you tether with a USB? Because they don't want to tip people off that it CAN be done via the bluetooth and therefore, won't need to be charged their exorbitant rate??! I'm just trying to figure out how to make this work without this turning into a huge hassle.

    So, what should I do. Call them, tell them that I don't need anything other than the $59.99 unlimited text/data plan that I have and then go to my Mac and attempt to connect via the bluetooth feature? If so, is this a complicated set up?? I just don't want to end up in a situation where it doesn't work and I have to call them back for help. Ugh. That would be embarressing. lol.

    And I probably would never go over the 5G usage or whatever it is. I just want to be able to go to my bank site, print things, upload some pics to Walgreens, etc.....I'm not a gamer or video player, typically. So, I would think I'd be fine. Just want it for the occasional usage where I'm not wanting to use a handheld for access.

    Any guidance here would be great. I'm just thinking that $60 is way too pricey for this feature.
    09-05-09 11:03 AM
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    Ok, and I'm looking around on Verizon's site and it looks like they're going to get you no matter what. What I have right now for the $59 is unlimited text. I'm not seeing that I get unlimited data with that. Then, they have a plan below that that is specifically for DATA that is $44.99a month. So, I'm assuming that this means that if you want unlimited data on your PHONE (????), you have to get that. So, it looks like the best I might be able to do here is pay $15 less.....not $60. Grrr.
    09-05-09 11:18 AM