1. hossra's Avatar
    Will be interesting to see if they offer current users an upgrade and, if so, at what cost.

    updated 1 hour, 14 minutes ago
    REDMOND, Washington Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it will include
    Outlook, a popular e-mail and calendar program that's ubiquitous on
    its Windows computers, in the next version of its Office suite for Apple
    Inc.'s Mac computers.
    The current Mac version of Office includes Entourage, a program for sending e-mail and
    organizing appointments and contacts. The new version, which will be available in time
    for the 2010 holiday buying season, will replace Entourage with Outlook.
    (Msnbc.com is a Microsoft-NBC Universal joint venture.)
    Microsoft's Mac unit is building the software from scratch, so Outlook will work with the
    Mac's backup and hard-drive search features.
    Apple recently said the next version of its Mac operating system, called Snow Leopard,
    will include support for Microsoft Exchange Server, the behind-the-scenes software that
    makes Outlook work.
    Microsoft also said it will change how it packages the currently available Office for Mac
    2008 starting in September.
    The cheapest option, the Home and Student Edition, will remain priced at $150. But it is
    eliminating the $400 standard version and the $500 Special Media Edition; a $400
    Business Edition, available for $240 as an upgrade, will replace those two.
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    08-13-09 01:29 PM
  2. blue_and_bold's Avatar
    Thats too bad I always hated macs
    08-13-09 01:31 PM
  3. Damian.'s Avatar
    Hate or can't afford one?
    08-15-09 05:09 PM
  4. madwolf's Avatar
    This is a very big news for mac user, It open up all the cooperate user
    08-17-09 03:21 AM
  5. Dokk's Avatar
    So will Snow Leopard, though. This doesn't seem like much more than a ploy to counter the full Exchange compatibility offered by free/bundled Apple software starting in (less than) a month. Call me cynical.
    08-17-09 05:10 AM
  6. skwij's Avatar
    Why would anyone want this? The Mail/Calendar apps already available for Macs are better than Outlook.
    08-17-09 08:41 AM
  7. hossra's Avatar
    People (like me) want this for the very reason that you posted on crackberry.com. There are no practical, reliable solutions for syncing BBs with Macs available
    08-17-09 11:54 AM
  8. dziekank's Avatar
    I guess its a good thing...
    08-22-09 01:07 AM
  9. liamuae's Avatar
    I'd probably use it. I've never been that much of a fan of Mac Mail I must admit. My biggest gripes with it is whenever you have HTML turned on that it displays as Times New Roman font on the recipients' machine, and the fact that you can't tell how much of your attachment has been downloaded when receiving, and you just have to wait til it turns 'blue'..! (Though apprently the latter has been fixed on the latest OSX)
    08-22-09 01:24 AM