1. thejgeffect's Avatar
    Is this possible?? If so, is there a guide anywhere?
    07-01-09 07:14 PM
  2. timd28's Avatar
    You can search the forums.. there are many threads about using a mac with a blackberry. There is actually a mac users forum. The short answer is no.

    You will need to install windows onto your mac and run desktop manager while running windows. I would use a friends PC or one at work if possible.
    07-01-09 07:21 PM
  3. thejgeffect's Avatar
    Thank you and I did search.
    07-01-09 07:36 PM
  4. timd28's Avatar
    Here is a link to the Mac Users section of the forums:
    07-01-09 07:39 PM
  5. snowindec9's Avatar
    rim needs to find a way to sync blackberry with mac in all honesty. time is now for them to take action.im very irritated that i have to go to a pc or use virtual machine to upload a new os. rim needs to open their eyes and see the growing consumer market that utilizes apple devices such as the mac.
    07-01-09 10:10 PM