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    I simply followed the instructions PocketMac list on their support site.

    Go here (PocketMac Support Site), click on Support Request, fill in your details and you'll have an email within 6 hours from Pocketmac Support.

    After reading the first email, a second follow up email will contain a direct link to DriverUpdate.3.1.2.dmg. This file is privately hosted and cannot be located through search engines as far as i'm aware.

    Follow the install instructions, restart and it WORKS!

    It's BETA and only available on request through this email system.

    I have the direct link but PocketMac have requested that people email them to obtain it - a good idea if everyone emails them to show them how many of us use macs.

    Hope this helps people - much better than digging around for extension files if you ask me.
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