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    I have a very odd issue with my BB and syncing with iCal.
    First, I have a Verizon Tour, running .530 (did it from my PC netbook) Mac os 10.6.2 all patches, DTM ver 1.0.2 build 8. Clean new installs of OS, DTM etc.
    On my Tour I also have Facebook I have Facebook delivering messages to my BB only. No contacts, no events. Just notices etc. No BIS, BPS, BES or BESX

    On my iCal I subscribe to no other calendars, I have a basic home calendar that tracks the mundane bits of my life. No birthday calendar either.

    I just went to the Chicago Cubs web site, downloaded the full schedule in iCal format (per their site)(comes down as "schedule.ics). It installs into my iCal just fine. It shows a new calendar called "2010 Chicago Cubs Schedule" it is in green (if that matters) and all looks great.

    I sync my Tour it goes fine. Shows up as it should. However in my Calendar app under Options, under the heading Calendars, it shows my home calendar (listed as my email address) in blue and in Green it says Facebook

    All the Cubs games (when I pull them up) have a heading called Send Using: and it is defaulted to Facebook.

    Nothing is syncing or listing or doing anything with Facebook. I have double verified this.

    So what gives? Anybody have any ideas? I see no loss in functionality, nothing wrong really, except for the annoying headings that say Facebook.
    03-01-10 07:05 PM