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    Fellow Mac Geeks:

    I wanted to share a small application that is an excellent utility, and may help clear up any uncertinty about if your Blackberry device is recognized by your Mac.

    There is a small application called Growler. This application is a notification utility that will pop up and tells you when an application is running, you receive an IM ect. There is also another part to this application which is not very well known. It is called Hardware Growler. This will notify you of hardware connects to your PC. Ex. if you were to plug in your Blackberry device, a pop up will occur and notify you of the new connection. The pop up only lasts 5 seconds! Its extremely light weight app.

    The application can be downloaded here: Growl
    Install the app by dragging to your App folder. Also you will need to open the "Extras" folder and do the same with Hardware growler.
    Now you do not need to run this app every time you start up. You can simply open your System Preferences > Users > then open the config for your ID.
    Select startup items and just add the app here. Check the box to HIDE. So the app will run unnoticed, but if you now plug in a device you will have a notification!

    Good luck and hope this helps!
    08-08-08 08:44 AM