1. audioguy61's Avatar
    Hello all and welcome to my first post. I am a long time Mac user and Noob 9530 user convert from a Treo 700p. I installed PocketMac and the updated usb drivers from the RIM site and everything seems to go all right with the sync however afterward nothing in iCal is in the Storm and vice versa. I go to the advanced settings and have two way sync enabled and sync all calendars checked. Contacts seem to sync fine. Thanks in advance.
    01-24-09 12:37 PM
  2. drumzalicious's Avatar
    something of a trick/problem with pocket mac is to sync each section one at a time. contacts, emails, calender etc.

    so when you want to sync your calender make sure thats the only thing the program is syncing and it should work i have never had a problem with it
    01-25-09 01:56 AM
  3. audioguy61's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply, in the mean time I think I found a work around for me elsewhere in the forum. I installed google sync on the Storm and sync to google calendar and contacts. I already had Spanning Sync installed on my Mac which synced my iCal with google calendar. Everything works beautifully this way with no conflicts so far. The added benefit is I don't need to be anywhere near my Mac to sync to it, cloud computing here I come.
    01-31-09 11:17 AM