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    Ever since I started using DTM for Mac, my iCal events sync just fine to my Tour but I don't get the audible alerts for them. They are configured correctly...just not getting the sounds. The audible alerts worked fine when I used Google Sync and Google Calendar, but I don't want to use that. Any ideas?
    03-14-10 09:10 PM
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    Fixed! I've found the culprit for this and an easy workaround. First, Desktop Manager for Mac is the problem. If you set any event alert reminders in iCal to "Message and Sound" you'll get both the message and the sound on your Mac, but Desktop Manager for Mac mangles this somehow when the event is synched to the BB. The event makes it over, but when the event is selected on the BB and opened, the alert is set to "None".

    To fix this, simply change all event alert reminders in iCal to "Message" (without the sound) and re-sync using Desktop Manager now the events on your BB have the same alert parameters as in iCal and their alerts now popup when scheduled and they have an audible sound.
    03-15-10 07:36 AM