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    Hello all. Lots of newbie problems

    1. I am using an unlocked Storm 9530 (with verizon all over it) with a Personal (Argentina) Pay as you go card. I should be able to use a browser but there seems to be no browser loaded. (already tried adv options/host routing table/ register and got nothing)
    2. When I type ##000000 to change my phone number none of the changes stay (and yes i do "save")
    3. ditto for when i go into the sim card
    4. phone can make and receive calls and SMS
    5. edge and gprs show up on front screen
    6. I was able to change TCP/IP settings to personal ones but either they are wrong or the rest of the setup needs tweaking

    i have tried searching this issue and not found the right answers. what information should i post in order for someone to offer some concrete advice? or can someone offer links for me to read to help myself?
    my phone provider does not respond to emails for help and i cna't get through on the phone to them to ask for service books (which i don't really understand what service books are being so new)

    thanks in advance.

    PS Hablo espaol si alguien tiene la respuesta/instrucciones u otra cosa en castellano. gracias
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