1. dosergirl's Avatar
    Ok, so first, the cd that came with my Curve does not boot up in my powerbook. I realize that i have an older Mac ( Powerbook g4)but it is perfectly up to date and working.
    so i couldnt get anything from the cd.

    when i plugged in the usb cable to my computer, my curve said that there was not enough power to charge the phone? weird
    also, i didn't see the phone on my desktop so i assume there is no recognition.


    i will be sad if i can't get it all working, but i haven't even had the phone for 24 hours yet.
    07-23-08 03:17 PM
  2. mrhappy123's Avatar

    for your disk to read in your powerbook, it has to be written for it. There is a slim chance that it wasn't. Check with your local dealer to see the spec's on the disk. There is also a chance that on your pc your auto play is not turned on, causing your phone not to pop up on your desktop.

    powerbook,,, a laptop, were you running your pc on battery power, try plugging it into the wall, and see it that will let you charge your phone.
    07-23-08 07:07 PM
  3. DaveX's Avatar
    Unless u have EXTRA storage in ur CURVE (mini SD) ur MacBook will not recongnize it.

    However, after placing the chip in ur CUrve you will be able to drag ringtones and mp4 video into ur berry.

    Now if you want to sunc ur calendar and contacts that's a whole different story! lol read through the forums, they are very helpful. I was lucky - I downloaded POCKETMAC (free) and it works everytime (just click the SYNC ICON, not the other one -- refer to this post if u download it - you'll know what I mean)
    07-24-08 02:03 AM
  4. xholmezx78's Avatar
    Ok here is come clairification. MacOS does recognize the Blackberry, but not in the same way the PC does. The error message you are receiving with the power is not sufficient, it means you can connect your Blackberry to your PowerBook, but it will not charge! If you download and install PocketMac to sync your Blackberry to your Mac, this will install the drivers necessary to clear that error. This will now provide sufficient power resources via USB to charge your Blackberry.

    As for the Blackberry not displaying on your desktop, unfortunatly there is not a program written to do so. Your Mac OS will recognize your device as either a modem, or data device. As you read in the previous posts, if you installed a memory card, MicroSD or SDHC card, it will mount it as a disk, put an icon on the desktop. This would allow you to add and remove files and share with your Blackberry. Now it is possible to change the disk icon on the desktop, but that is messy and complicated!!!!!
    08-05-08 05:52 PM