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    I just bought an 8830 (Verizon) and am having trouble with the calendar (i get the message saying "appointment deleted externally...etc". However, after reading a number of posts, I figured out that i need to re-send service books (do I delete some first?). I also read that some users are expecting a new version of the device software to help with their issues. However, as a mac user without desktop software, how would I update my device with this software? My sense is the desktop software is a conduit of sorts. Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts. I am concerned that using a blackberry on a mac will seriously limit its capabilities (I dont care about media, etc). Maybe I am wrong?
    07-23-07 12:20 PM
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    First, you will NEED to have backed up your data if it's not already on your Mac. If you need help with that one, I dunno. Next, perform the Wipe Handheld function on your device (yes, this returns it to factory state). Go to Options | Security Options | General Settings | Menu Key | Wipe Handheld. Takes about 5-10 mins depending on whatever reason that it does.

    When its finished and back up and running, skip the setup wizard (unless you need it) and enable the Mobile Network by selecting Manage Connections in Applications and checking the box for Mobile Network (when you wipe, it doesn't turn this on automatically).

    Since you had the calendar problem, I'm going to assume that you had BIS set up on your device (e-mail addresses). Select E-Mail settings from the Applications, log in (hopefully you remembered your credentials), and select the option to have it resend your Service Books. If you're in a good area (EV network available) it will take seconds, otherwise about a minute.

    You then need to delete your service books linked to any email addresses you have set up. These conflict with iCal and its calendar and will prevent you from using it effectively. HOWEVER, if you are syncing to a calendar server that is associated with your email addresses (think Outlook Online or Google Mail/Calendar), then you will no longer have access to those calendars from your device. To delete these books, go to Options | Advanced Options | Service Book, and delete anything you see with a [CICAL] on it, these are the calendaring functions.

    If you've made it this far, now you'll want to update your device (if its not already) with the 2007 Calendar patch, which fixes the daylight savings time problems. Navigate with your phone to www blackberry com / calendarpatch (sorry for the awkward address, text filters keep grabbing it). From there, follow instructions, pretty simple.

    Once this is completed, now you can sync using PocketMac to re-enter all of your data to the device. If you performed a backup at ANY time using a PC while you were having issues with your device, do not restore from there, it will send you back to where you started with the calendar problem. However, if at this point you have access to a PC, I would strongly suggest that you create a backup using Desktop Manager (free software from Blackberry) to create a clean image with which you can restore to the BB in case anything happens in the next couple of days while you get used to it. Otherwise, just go ahead and sync to your Mac.

    ...and if you're a BES user, then NONE of this applies to you, and I've left quite a lengthy explanation for anyone else who may come across this thread Happy troubleshooting!
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    dude, that is a big help, thanks a lot. Ill do this when i get home tonight.

    hate to beat a dead horse, but without desktop manager (like PC users), how do you get software updates? via the devise itself, like you mentioned in your explaination?

    Thanks again.
    07-23-07 12:49 PM
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    You just kind of hear about updates and have to perform them on your own and go to Blackberry. I have found this forum to be helpful in letting me know when there are even updates available.
    07-23-07 12:52 PM
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    Thanks again. In re: your comment about backing up, I have all my info on Entourage, but if you imply that I need to backup beyond that, then I should probably do a little more research. If you just meant to make sure I had info on Entourage/Ical, whatever, then I am all set. Will also make sure I dump everything on a PC per your advice. Honestly, it doesnt sound like all that difficult of a procedure, now that it is spelled out. I just bought the device this weekend, so i would assume that it has the daylight savings patch, but i will probably do that anyway just in case. Honestly, that was a big help. Thanks.
    07-23-07 01:08 PM
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    If you have your info in Entourage, then you're good. Don't back up any actual data to a PC; only perform this "backup" when you have finished re-setting up the device withour your calendar info, so that you can have the setup "backed" up (this has saved me a few hours). In effect, it will save your font preferences, wallpaper, things of that nature, but no contacts/calendar/games. Essentially you'll just be creating a clean image so that you can re-install it later if need be. Anything else, lemme know.
    07-23-07 01:16 PM
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    Your directions were flawless, and my problem is solved. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.
    07-23-07 05:19 PM