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    I am an advanced blackberry user....with enterprise and a pc. However, I am going to add my girlfriend to my plan and she wants a blackberry (most likely a curve) and has a mac, with Entourage 2008.

    I am a pretty tech savvy guy, but not with macs. I have been surfing around and see a ton of information regarding the compatability with Entourage 2008. Have those issues been fixed?

    Also, some questions:

    1. How do you sync to a mac? Is it via cable or bluetooth?
    2. Since she won't be on enterprise, is there a program or website that she can sync her calendar automatically to the bb? Does yahoo calendar or another website work well for automatically updating calendar, task and sticky note information (similar to outlook for web for enterprise users)?
    3. What are the common issues with syncing bb's with a mac? Will she need a third party program and if so, what is the best?
    4. Any advice for picking a good bb, software or other setup for this to work flawlessly? I can help her from a technical standpoint, once I figure it out. But she is not a real techie and I want to make this as seamless as possible.

    Thank you very much in advance!!!!
    02-21-09 11:38 AM
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    Mac and BB sync through cable.

    Many people use "The Missing Sync." But it won't sync her iTunes, you will need Media Transfer for Mac from Blackberry for that. If she gets her mail from a Yahoo, or Google account she can sync that through them. Same thing with Calendar. Otherwise "Missing Sync" or you can try Pocketmac from Blackberry (free). I couldn't get it to work. Missing Sync is about 40 bucks.

    Without looking back looks like I answered all your questions. She can also use "google maps." I personally like google, but if she uses google she will need to set a filter for her BB so she doesn't get mail she sends returned.
    02-21-09 12:37 PM
  3. vegasvec's Avatar
    Thanks for the post. She has cox (POP mail) for email and uses Entourage on her mac to retrieve it. I haven't used Entourage muchm, but I know its just like outlook so I think she will like to sync calendar, tasks and notes as well.
    02-21-09 02:17 PM