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    I have Been a PC users for years and years .. it all started with a commador 64 then i went to a gateway .. then bought a gaming desktop then bought a HP Tx2 touchpad 12" ... and recently bought a 13.3" Macbook pro

    I saw some already posted but it seems that the Groups are full ...

    it is real tough in the beginning to get comfortable and many people including myself have questions ...

    so please, seasoned and noobs, join the group so we all can become comfortable with our MACs and use them to the most !

    the first two tutorials i would like to see are:

    How to get safari full screen and how to get tethering working properly from MAC snow leopard using BB

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    was advised that barcode last for only about one day ... so post or pm your pin if the barcode isnt working for u and u want me to add u
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