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    So I just recently made the switch from windows mobile (moto Q) to the blackberry 8830 world edition for verizon, and i have some questions.

    Let me start off by saying that I have a new iMac 20ich computer

    1. how can I transfer pics/videos/music to my phone. I tried bluetoothing it, but my computer said it wan't supported by the device. Next I sent in via email to the blackeberry, but it wouldn't download the attachment, saying an unknown error occured. I've read a bunch of didffernet post sort of hitting this same issue, but I don't know what exactly they are all saying. Some say I need pocketmac, well I googled that, but which do I buy? Then I headed over to bb.com and it has a free download of pocketmac, is it free or not?

    2. I'm not a professional user, but rather enjoy all of the EXTRA bonuses that come with using a pda/smartphone/bb, so what other good applications are there to donwload/buy for my bb?

    Thanks for anyone who can help me with these issues
    07-16-07 08:22 AM
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    One more thing, my bb has gpsin it, but verizon for some unkown reason has disabled it. Is there any way to get gps on here via 3rd party application or any other way? I do have google maps, but i'm looking for real time gps with turn by turn if possible.

    Thanks again in advance
    07-16-07 08:34 AM
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    Do you have a media card inserted in your 8830? I bought a 1 gig for my 8830 at the Verizon store. They inserted it for me it tokk two minutes. When I got home I took the adapter and inserted the memory card into my printer, which has a memory card reader. The memory card came up in Finder, and I just dragged files from my music and pictures file into the media card icon.
    07-16-07 09:57 AM
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    i recommend yahoo Go and opera mini.

    welcome to the Crackberry forum
    07-16-07 10:30 AM
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    You can also transfer files by connecting the BB via USB to your Mac, it will have the MicroSD card come up as a mounted drive (note: you can ONLY transfer files onto a memory card with a Mac, not the actual device memory, but you probably dont want to do that anyway).

    PocketMac is free; it comes bundled with the 8830 installer disc, and yes, you can download the full version free from the BB website. Future iterations of PocketMac promise Bluetooth syncing (of what, not sure, but it's implied that it will only sync data and not media such as pics/video).

    You can technically send files to your BB via Bluetooth, however its an odd process. You must go into the Media app and have it receive via Bluetooth, send it through the Mac, have the devices pair, and then save it on the BB. Odd, but it can work (although much slower than USB anyway). Hope this helps.
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    07-18-07 07:07 PM
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    i use (crackberrydotcom,crackberry,wallpaper) uses slashes replace comma's
    to get pics in my bb, you need a email address to the pics as attachments tp the bb. usb tether your mac and bb. you need turn on mass storage in toolbar section.then drag your mp3's etc into your bb
    07-29-07 12:31 AM