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    Hi there...after being an iPhone user for years, I switched to BB Torch when it came out. Since I'm new to BB, can someone please guide me how/where I can get the following information, so I can maximize the usage of this phone?
    - working with spreadsheet (is there a free apps for this?). I only need a spreadsheet to track my expenses. I never used any of the google apps before. But is this something that I need to look into?
    - address book. I currently cannot sync the contact information from my Mac, using the device manager. I read in a different forum, I believe they still do have problem with it
    - creating a reminder. Can I create a reminder, without putting it as an appointment? I'm looking for a simple reminder, or things I need to do on certain day (such as birthday, bill payment due date, etc)...but I don't want to make it an appointment where you need to put time, duration, etc.

    I know there are other things I still need to learn about this device. But just to get those 3 questions answered, I will be happy already.

    Thanks in advance.

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    09-12-10 09:16 AM