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    I currently use a Palm TX PDA with a Mac G4 PPC (10.5.8) and The Missing Sync for Palm OS from Mark/Space. I use Splash Data and Splash Shopper on the PDA as well as the built in appointments and contacts apps. I sync to iCal and Address Book

    I am looking to buy a BB 8900 Curve. I am looking for advice / help / pointers re the following:

    1, Will I be OK to use the built in BB appointments and contacts apps?

    2. Is there a list manager that has a Mac desktop app as with Splash Data and Splash Shopper to allow easy data entry / update / syncing?

    3. Does PocketMac for BB work OK with the above, or will I have to wait for the new BB Desktop Software to come out? Any idea when that might be?

    4. Would I be better off syncing / backing up data using Missing Sync for BB from M/Space?

    Sorry for all that! Hope someone out there can help

    Many thanks!
    09-11-09 06:09 AM