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    I bought a new pearl flip 8220 on thursday, with rogers, and still have some questions about using it:

    I have a sms message that wont delete. All of the other ones will delete but this one wont. My BB froze on saturday, and a few hours after i got this message. I can't get rid of it.

    Is there a way to find how many sms messages I have sent? Or do I have to keep deleting all my recieved messages?

    is there a way to put music on my phone without buying a micro sd card? (I'm running on a mac too, but have a pc available if I absolutely have to use it)

    Can I link my hotmail account to blackberry?

    Can I send sms/put calls through wi-fi?

    Thank you so so so much!
    02-16-09 10:21 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry, summer.rain!

    1. Go to messages. Everything goes there from emails to missed calls to SMS. You should be able to delete the sms message from the messages application.

    2. Why are you worried about managing deletion of messages? Set the device to keep messages for x days (usually 30) and let BB OS manage message retention and deletion on your device for you.

    3. I would buy the micro sd card. It's probably less than 20 bucks and will hold a LOT more music than internal memory would hold. You really don't want music and other media in internal memory on a Blackberry. Trust me on this.

    4. Of course you can link hotmail to your BB. Go to "email setup" on your BB, which turns out to be a web link to your carrier's email setup web page. You can set it up there. By default, BB email setup uses POP. If you want to use IMAP, put in a bogus password when you do the setup the first time. Then go back and edit the settings to make it IMAP before you provide your real password.

    5. You can send sms via wifi (assuming your device has wifi, and I doubt the pearl flip has wifi!) by sending them as email. The email address would be something like 999111234@someprovider.net.

    6. You can make calls via wifi if you have a skype or other voip client software on your blackberry and of course if your blackberry supports wifi.

    BTW, everything about using a BB with a Mac is problematic. From sync to backup to os upgrade. I suggest you keep a pc around for emergencies. I used PocketMac for a while and my contacts began to multiply so now I'm trying Missing Sync. It works flawlessly for contacts but doesn't work yet for my calendar. I'm still looking for a solution that works on OS X for my BB 8830. I've also tried google sync and funambol/scheduleworld without much success. Proceed with caution, backup early backup often. The BB is very stable but the sync process to a Mac is problematic.

    You're welcome!
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    When I turn on my 8320 phone, any new incoming SMS messages are time- and date-stamped with the current time and date, i.e., the time when I've turned on the device. I've looked everywhere I can think of in Options and such to find a way to have these incoming messages stamped with their date and time SENT, not received. Is there a way to do this? I'm on T-Mobile, if that makes any difference.

    Thanks so much.
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