1. Pedalboard's Avatar
    So, naturally, I'm a bit confused. And I have a few questions.

    1. How do I upload leaks to my Bold through the apploader, or some sort of Mac equivalent? As well as getting rid of, and putting other applications...

    2. I wasn't sure how I even got the apploader on my PC, so is there a disc or something I need to upload it on there

    3. Is the apploader/equivalent basically the same as PC's? Or is it more or less complicated in your opinion?

    I think that's it!
    Thanks, guys.
    06-28-10 06:53 PM
  2. Pedalboard's Avatar
    Also, another one.

    I'm using my 8 gig memory card from my last blackberry, and because I transfered all of my music on my Mac, I'm not sure how to delete what's on there to get other music on it.
    06-28-10 07:44 PM