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    Disclaimer, Ive searched and not found a clear answer, so thats why im posting this thread. IF by chance i have made an oversight, please point me in the right direction, or respond and leave me some advice and direction.

    Well i was using google sync since im on a mac and pocket mac completely erased my once, and had no problems, aside form the fact that google sync doesnt update bbm contacts, and i worked around that by putting my friends pins in one of the email fields.

    recently i came across the leaked BBDM for Mac beta, to which i praised the Internet and Crackberry dieties, and tried it out. I guess i shouldnt have synced the phone and instead backed it up only, as now some of my entries have two to four duplicates.

    I have no problem owning up to a mistake, aside from some of the contacts being duped refuse to delete, and at times, a deletion sends me all the way back to the top of the list....

    so my questions is, what can i do to avoid these dupes in the future? which should u go with, just using BBDM, Google Sync, or give Idrive Lite a try. I erase my Address book on my mac in hopes another sync with the two will come out congruent and I dont have to worry about dupes.

    Is there a easier way to clear these dupes?

    I hope im making sense, and if anyone can, please help
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    can a MOD please remove this thread, i went ahead and *gulp* did a full wipe, after a back up, hopefully i dont lose my blackberry email
    09-19-09 07:14 AM