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    Hi all, hope someone can help with this. I own a mac and a curve 8900 and suffer using a vista laptop for os upgrades and back up. I use the vista laptop for work sometimes as well as my test kit only runs on windows so thats the reason for keeping it. Well at least it was until I decided to treat myself to a shiny new macbook woooooo!!. I plan to use bootcamp and install xp (I got on better with than vista) onto it for work stuff. Anyway what I need to know is, when using email on the mac book is there anyway of changing the sent from address?. What I mean is, my email is say myname@ntlworld.com but I own a small business that has its info@mycompanyname.com which comes through on myname@ntlworld.com (dont understand how, a family friend bought the name for me and had it set up to go to my personal email address). Now on the vista laptop I have it set so all email i send shows the address as sent from info@mycompanyname.com. I need to now how to set this up on the macbook, any ideas? I have not been able to find this option.

    Reading this back it sounds like a load of old waffle but I am hoping someone can make sense of it and help me out

    Thanks in advance
    05-13-09 01:55 PM
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    Are you talking about within the browser, or from something like entourage?
    05-13-09 03:22 PM
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    No he is probably talking about the Mail app on OS X.

    Go in and take a look at preferences and account settings. Your from address does not have to match the login or domain you use to retrieve your email. Be careful to make sure the one you want to use is the default from address set up on the Mail app on your Mac.
    05-14-09 02:27 PM
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    If you're using the Mail App:

    Go into preferences edit the e-mail address just under the account type.

    Use the incoming server information for your myname@ntlworld.com

    For Entourage:

    Account settings, select the e-mail account you wish to edit and edit your personal information with what you want.

    Under receiving e-mail use your settings for the myname@ntlworld.com

    PS - you'll find the options I described under the name of the program you're using in the upper left corner between the Apple icon and the word file . Example: Apple Icon Mail File
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    05-14-09 02:41 PM
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    Select the account and edit the reply address.

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    05-15-09 10:35 AM