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    Hi everybody,

    I'm new here but have been reading posts for a few days hoping to find an answer to my question. I can't but apologise in advance if I have missed another post of similar nature.

    Basically I picked up my new Bold 9700 a couple of days ago and everything is going well apart from syncing contacts between my Mac and BB. It's becoming quite frustrating as this is at the top of my priority list (I have 8000 contacts on my previous iPhone).

    The contacts are stored in the standard Mac address book and are split into five different groups (work, personal etc). When I attempt the sync everything appears to be going well and I get no error message. Then at between 80-90% on the progress bar it just stops - no freezing and no error message.

    I use mobileme to wirelessly sync contacts between my mac machines (and previously with my iPhone). I wonder if mobile me is causing the problem as when the progress bar stops I have noticed that a mobileme sync seems to take place (I see the spinny wheel at the top of the screen rotating). I have tried turning automatic sync with mobileme off but it still will never complete the sync and the wheel still turns!

    Could it be mobileme which is causing the problems or could be the different groups creating an issue. It's funny because all iCal date is synced via mobileme and that works fine.

    Please help as I fear that I'll need to return the blackberry if I can't get this sorted.
    02-23-10 01:52 PM