1. bryanus's Avatar
    I am using MissingSync and use it only to sync my Notes. I use the Markspace Notebook application for my notes.

    I find that each time I update a note (add some text to it for example), either in the desktop Notebook application or on my Blackberry, when I "Sync", it will create a duplicate note on both the Notebook application and also my Blackberry. One note will be the original (unmodified) note, and the new one will be the one I updated with some additional information. I then have to look at both notes to see which one was the modified one and manually delete the older note on BOTH the Notebook app and the Blackberry (otherwise it will just re-create both notes again in the next Sync!).

    I guess I don't understand the purpose of the Sync, if it doesn't take into account that I'm editing the same note on one device, but not the other. Is this the way "Sync" is supposed to work? It's retarded. Any other Sync that I've used will compare the same file, then pick the newer/modified one to update the other.

    Assuming this is how the MissingSync works and can't be "fixed", how can I transfer my Notebook notes to Entourage Mac and use the Blackberry esktop Mgr instead? Does that program Sync like I expect it to?

    08-20-10 12:32 PM
  2. vid99's Avatar
    It was a problem in the 2.0.3 version, downgrade to 2.0.2 as shown here, to stop the duplication and get back in sync...

    08-22-10 02:25 AM
  3. bryanus's Avatar
    I had my doubts, but Sync'ing with notes is working again. Thanks for your help!
    09-13-10 07:43 PM