1. finz72's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I have a couple questions about Missing Sync. I have been using Missing Sync to transfer contacts and photos from my iMac to my Bold for about a month now with no problems, until 1 night ago. When I did a sync for my contacts, the transfer was incomplete. Some contacts were missing from my Bold. Not only that, when I disconnected the Bold from my Mac, I had weird errors on my Bold, "uncaught exception:java.lang.NullPointerException" was one error. I contacted RIM, they walked me through a device wipe and software reinstall.
    My questions: When I connect my Bold to my Mac and enable mass storage mode, 2 drives appear on my computer. One is labeled "noname" and the other is labeled "blackberry1". I have always noticed the blackberry drive but never the noname. Is this normal ? Is this what may be causing the errors after sync ? Could my media card be corrupted ? Are there any experts with Missing Sync that could give me advice ? Right now, I'm too afraid to try another sync because I don't want my Bold to get corrupted again. Any help will be appreciated !!
    12-25-08 09:09 AM
  2. gcopter's Avatar
    The "no name" drive is your Micro SD card that is being read as well as your Blackberry.
    12-25-08 01:17 PM