1. joshtpa's Avatar
    Is it me, or does this system not really work to well with Entourage? It does some of the things, but not others. I think it does Calendar and not Contacts for some reason. Is there anyway to really make my Mac and Blackberry compatible, without all of the problems?
    10-01-07 08:02 AM
  2. Heckler's Avatar
    So far I've used both PocketMac and Missing Sync with limited success. The MissingSync will sync (with effort) pictures and music files but contacts, calendar etc don't sync very well, at least in my experience.

    PocketMac has been the most reliable for the calendar, contact functions, etc. so I've been using it to sync and putting media on my SD card by dragging and dropping it. Maybe someday software designers will realize that we all don't love PC and they'll make more software.
    10-03-07 11:02 AM