1. cozbaldwin's Avatar
    OK, so...
    I just dumped my first BB (a Curve) for a Bold. The email setup wizard wants me to create a BlackBerry email. But I already have one... however it doesnt even ask if I already have one. Just an option to create a new one.

    And.... unless I'm doing something majorly wrong, here, I can't use the standard "Add Another Email Address" link to tap into my blackberry email.

    (NAME@att.blackberry.net, right?)

    Since this is my first BB device switch to another BB, I went searching around here and I did find that we have to create new PINS each time. Sucks. But I am hoping we dont have to create new email addresses with each device too.

    Also, since we're the red-headed step children using Macs, is there a way to transfer all my apps from the curve to the bold? PocketMac obviously can't and it doesnt appear Missing Sync can either. Please say I'm wrong.
    12-01-08 08:52 PM
  2. nmeredith13's Avatar

    This is my suggestion for getting over your syncing from one device to the next. Download the 30 day trial for either VMWare or Parallels for Mac. These programs all you to install Windows on your Mac. Then, download the latest BB Desktop manager and do the device switch through that.

    I am not sure about your email problem. When I had to get a new Pearl because my old one broke, I had to call Sprint CS and they had to reactivate the new phone so I could get my emails sent to the new one.
    12-02-08 08:53 AM